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Photo listing : cycleways

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This listing only shows photos within Wandsworth.
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Add cycle/pedestrian lane instead of 3 lanes of traffic

Hullo new cycle way. Battersea Park Road Location currently estimated will correct later.

Upgrade existing dotted line cycleway to mandatory cycleway

Add painted left turn lane for cyclists at traffic light

Slightly pointless bit of cycleway, as it goes behind the bus stop then returns the rider to the road

Cycling under the bridge

Cycling under the bridge, a bit narrow due to footway user interaction

Segregated cycle lanes needed on Putney Hill. Currently dangerous cycling here especially uphill in the unprotected narrow cycle lane.

Gate here is too narrow for cyclists and leads cyclists directly onto a drain cover on the eastern side of the road.

Allow two way cycling on Weimar Street.

Allow right turn for cyclists onto A205 from Gwendolyn Avenue.

This close is marked "Cycling forbidden"; but this is foolish as cars and even motor cycles can drive into it. "Pedestrian priority" would be sufficient.

Could have two-way cycling which would provide quiet direct route avoiding Upper Richmond Road, improving access to Putney High Street, local schools parks for children and adults alike

At about this point heading east, the road narrows and the painted cycle path disappears at the point it's needed most. Make it continuous!

Temporary widening into the carriageway for social distancing is pushing cyclists into the road. The number of buses that use this route make it especially dangerous. Why not close the road to cars (this has been done before during repairs ... [more]

The cycle path is in desperate need of re-surfacing and widening. It's currently full of holes, cracks and dips and is very dangerous. Additionally the path is too narrow and encourages close passes by motorists

The Wandle Trail effectively ends at Summerley Street and the cyclists have to join trafficy Garrett Lane through Earlsfield and then do an extraordinary loop using Ravensbury Road to rejoin at Acuba Road. Garratt Lane and Penwith Road shou ... [more]

This is a terrible cycle lane. Apart from at rush hour you can park in it for free for an hour!! Where every other road has a charge. So from 10am onwards (and all day on weekends) it is full of parked cars. There should be no parking excep ... [more]

Narrow section with parked cars between Wimbledon Road and Rogers Road in southerly direction. Protected cycleway needed or cycle on pavement which is wide enough for shared use here.

Traffic islands and parked cars along length of Blackshaw Road in both directions are hazardous for cyclists who have to keep pulling out in front of cars. Protected cycleway needed in both directions

Poorly designed cycleway. As cars come through chicane they go into cycleway. Suggest either allow cyclists on pavement or better still allow them to use path through Garrett Green.

Traffic speed is far too high. Traffic calming/speed cameras needed

Put on-lane cycle way into pavement to segregate it near school

I live in Beckenham but work in Chiswick and there are insufficient safe routes for cycling and which avoid the dreaded South Circular A205. A SE to West London route would be great. I know many others like me who have this journey.

1 - there are barriers either side of the bridge which generate queues and disrupt social distancing 2 - cyclists must dismount, even at quiet times (e.g. early morning commute). allow cycling!

Garrett Lane is very busy and high speed - needs protection for cyclists

Bedford Hill SW12 is a direct link between Tooting Bec Common and Balham Town Centre that has no cycle lane for cyclists, including families, to use. Currently it is dangerous to use Bedford Hill to travel between these two very busy hubs ( ... [more]

Dangerous underpass under bridge (junction Bedford Hill/Balham Station Road SW12) The road narrows under the bridge, with tunnel walls enclosing the roadway, leaving zero kerbside space on the road for cyclists. Even with cyclists staying ... [more]

Is a pedestrian pathway, but is constantly used as a cycle lane as it is the fastest way through. Would really benefit having a cycle and pedestrian path.

Get rid of these absurd 3 lane motorways which go nowhere and install cycleways!

Very dangerous for bikes! Merging traffic and v difficult safely to turn left onto Trinity Road

Very dangerous for bikes! Merging traffic and no safe haven.

Poorly designed cycle lane. Usually impossible to use because cars are parked on the far side, going east. So always have to pull out to use the part of road design for cars

Can we have a proper segregated cycle way between routing Broadway and the tooting national rail station? The tarmac is very rutted and full of parked cars as things stand

I've been but twice here, so really think we need segregated cycle lanes please!!!

Cycleway along Burntwood Lane is not continuous, is too narrow, and is configured to encourage cars to drive in cycle lanes as they swerve around the bollards. Needs a proper segregated cycle lane.

Add segregated cycle lane

Painted cycle lane stops at the end of Buckhold Rd as road narrows. Cycle lane should be improved and continued.

Space for cycling needed to separate bikes from fast-moving traffic. The road is wide with a central strip of cross-hatching so could easily accommodate a segregated bike lane.

Roadwork signage blocks the cycle path here. Please remove it.

Gate on the road here has cycle passing slots that are dangerously narrow. Needs replacing.

A chained gateway has been erected (2019) at the entrance to the road from Lower Common South, apparently designed to prevent cycling.

This is a very dangerous road for cyclists. The current cycle path is terrible and cuts across several drives which makes it dangerous. Drivers do intentional close passes. Please install a better cycle lane. Closing the road to through tra ... [more]

There is a painted cycle lane but cars often drive in it and it is very dangerous. Put a kerb or physical barrier to separate the bikes from the cars. Both directions.

There is a painted cycle lane but cars often drive in it and it is very dangerous. Put a kerb or physical barrier to separate the bikes from the cars. Both directions.

Road is to narrow to accommodate cars, bikes and buses in both directions. Perhaps Putney High Street could have cycle lane plus contraflow or one way for cars.

Protected cycle lanes needed right along Nine Elms Lane. There are intermittent temporary facilities, but this whole road section needs permanent protected cycle lanes,

Protected cycleway needed on unnecessarily wide section of road (drivers often race along this).

Cycle path often blocks by parked cars. Add a double yellow to prevent.

Cycle cut through to Maysoule Rd is often blocked by parked cars. Add double yellow

Could have two-way cycling which would provide quiet direct route avoiding Upper Richmond Road, improving access to Putney High Street, local schools parks for children and adults alike

Could have two-way cycling which would provide quiet direct route avoiding Upper Richmond Road, improving access to Putney High Street, local schools parks for children and adults alike

Entire length of Roehampton Lane needs a cycle lane - connects hospital, multiple schools, train station traffic multiple lanes and fast moving - wide enough for cycle lane

Heavy traffic as cut through

Safe cycle path for a few metres needed to link up bits of Thames Path either side of Heliport/Crowne Plaza. Road is accident hotspot, pavement is crowded with pedestrians.

Cycle path frequently blocked by parked cars - double yellow lines needed.

My sister was rear ended on her bike by truck climbing the hill. Put in a wider cycle lane on the uphill side at least.

Add segregated cycle lanes to A3 between Robin Hood and Tibbet's Corner providing a link from Kingston towards the city. The current shared pavements are dangerous

Fawe Park Road is used as a cut through with few vehicles observing the 20mph limit. The area in front of Brandelhow school would benefit from traffic calming (such as planters?) to stop it being used as a thoroughfare and reduce speed of c ... [more]

Road is wide enough to accommodate cyclists, there is no cycle path.

Cycleway improvements needed for cyclists coming from Merton Road trying to reach the river

Existing cycle lane is usually occupied by parked cars along the length of this road. Make this road no parking.

This road is wide enough to have segregated cycle lanes on both sides: these would encourage more journeys away from cars and buses

Temporary segregation of cyclists needed as cars travelling too fast weaving between road furniture

The road narrows here and two lanes of traffic means no space for cyclists.

Two lanes of cars northbound does not leave enough room for cylists. A cycle lane is needed across the whole bridge

Not safe for cyclists at this busy junction if you want to continue straight you have to ride in the middle of the traffic

Segregated cycleway - there is plenty of on-street parking that could be removed to facilitate this. All along LRR.

Segregated cycle lane and traffic calming needed on this bridge.

Link under Wandsworth Bridge

Thames embankment and link through new development

Toucan crossing of Plough Road, Wandsworth

Link from Clapham Junction to Wandsworth Bridge

I got a bit confused here as I wasn't expecting to have to go on to a shared bus lane.

Cycleway ramps

A cycleway and a bridleway subway.

A3 parallel cycle route

Cycle Superhighway 8 near the former Battersea power station

CS8 Wandsworth

CS8 Wandsworth

Narrow pavement cycleway comes to an end, proceed in a narrow cycle lane.

Stopping for side roads

Narrow pavement cycleway

Narrow pavement cycleway

Shared cycleway and bridleway

Cycleway alongside the A3

Cycleway alongside the A3

Cycleway alongside the A3


Long wait at this turn.

Upper Tooting Road

Upper Tooting Road

Upper Tooting Road

Tooting High Street

Tooting High Street

Tooting High Street

Tooting High Street

Tooting High Street The houses at an angle to the road here are perhaps a hint that this was once a wiggly road.

Tooting High Street

Tooting High Street

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