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Photo listing : dutch-style cycleways

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Parkside is a very busy road and a cycle track could easily run in parallel along the common (there is an unofficial dirt track already) this could easily join up with the underpass at the A3 roundabout

barriers prevent access by tricycles and kiddy trailers - as used by the kind of people that really appreciate quiet off road routes

promised cycle route from gate near Aboyne Road through Streatham Cemetery to Broadwater Road gate never materialised.

Can the Cs8 be fixed so it doesn't stop at parked cars, forcing cyclists into the path of fast moving vehicles!

Petty one-way restrictions here make it impossible to legally access homes in Rodway Road, Umbria Street, Akehurst Street and the new development in Holford Way without going down Medfield Sreet and using Roehampton Lane. Horses can come ... [more]

Cyclists here have to cross a busy road twice within fifty yards, or walk along a narrow pavement. It is the most dangerous part of an otherwise uninterrupted mile of riverside cycling.

Bellevue Parade is busy, narrow with parking on one side. There is no space for bicycles. An alternative unofficial muddy track has developed on the common. a proper cycle and pedestrian path is needed.

The new road 'calming' scheme just allows the cars to go smoothly along as fast as they like, being slowed only by the bodies of those cyclists brave enough to take the middle of the lane through the many new pinch points. Most of the moto ... [more]

St John's Hill, around Clapham Junction. There's space here for a segregated cycle lane down the middle of the carriageway ... they've got cones there at the moment, due to roadworks, which makes it clear how easy it would be with a bit of ... [more]

This part of Battersea Park Road is stacked with small shops and could be really nice for the people who live there if it weren't so busy. I find this part of the road one of the scariest parts of CS8 to ride on, there's just a strip of bl ... [more]

Living on the Wandsworth one way system I have seen some very close calls and unfortunately I believe one fatality. The lack of planning is only underlined by the fact that we are now at the end of the new CS8 which means cyclists are dumpe ... [more]

Anywhere near Vauxhall. Currently 6-lane motorways everywhere, it takes 10 minutes to cross a road there are so many parts each with pedestrians timed to wait for as long a delay as the lights will allow to be programed, there are no traffi ... [more]

Busy High street with fast moving traffic, buses pulling out and short phases for pedestrian crossing. One of highest NOx air pollution levels in London

New 'traffic calming' measures are ludicrous, forcing cyclists (and other traffic) towards the middle of the road which is likely to result in head-on collisions and cyclists being cut up by car/lorry drivers. I am concerned a cyclist or m ... [more]

The most dangerous part of my ride to work. Narrow lanes where cyclists are in danger of being crushed by the many buses. One ASL recently fitted and removal of metal railing is a tiny step in the right direction. Also, where are cyclist ... [more]

WANDSWORTH ONE-WAY SYSTEM. Bad enough coming from Clapham if you're cycling on towards Putney, but lethal and a no go zone for cyclists coming from Putney and going on towards Clapham. Attempting to cycle along Armoury Way is suicidal - whe ... [more]

Inadequate cycle path, parked vehicles, hostile motor traffic.

No cycling infrastructure, buses, hostile motor vehicles along this popular route to/from richmond park.

No cycling infrastructure, buses, hostile motor vehicles along this popular route to/from richmond park.

No cycling infrastructure, parked cars, buses, hostile motor traffic.

No cycling infrastructure, parked vehicles, traffic calming measures make this road very hostile/almost impossible to cycle on.

No cycling infrastructure

No cycling infrastructure up this hill but plenty of space for parked vehicles

No cycling infrastructure here on this narrow lane towards Richmond Park but plenty of space found for parked vehicles.

No cycling infrastructure on this route towards/away from Richmond Park but plenty of space found for parked vehicles

The start/end point for Putney Village Cycling Club's weekly session at 12pm on Sundays is at The Telegraph Pub, SW15 3TU. It's named 'Tibbet's Ride', after a local pathway. For more information, visit: http://www.putneyvillagecyclingc ... [more]

Potholes as deep as ten centimetres here, over a distance of twenty metres or more.

No cycling infrastructure

No cycling infrastructure

No cycling infrastructure

No on-road cycle provision.

The Falcon Road road surface as you go under the railway bridges is dreadful with large potholes. Travelling towards York Road cyclists have to move into the middle of the road to avoid an area of road surface which is almost unrideable as ... [more]

Taxis freqently stop here on a fairly narrow stretch to do drop-offs and block the cycle lane in peak hours. There appears to be sufficient pavement space to allow a bay for this specific reason.

Between Tooting Broadway and Tooting Bec cars frequently edge out of side roads blocking cycle lanes when the traffic on the main road is not moving. Cars and mopeds also freqently start to park in the cycle lanes before the 7pm end of re ... [more]

Cars always too fast (some way above the speed limit), giving no space to cyclists in a rush to get to the end of the road quickly to beat the traffic and get on the A3. Shared pavement often used by repair vehicles and quite dangerous to ... [more]

The right turn from Plough Road to Plough Terrace is a cycle route, but it's very difficult to turn right here on a busy road and a steep hill. Some traffice calming or lights would help.

Turning right onto Elspeth Road from Lavender Hill can be particularly nerve-wracking. If you do not have a car behind you turning right also (protecting you) then you can often have two lanes of traffic either side of you going in opposite ... [more]

The southbound junction on Putney Bridge. If you use the bus lane and you want to turn right onto the Lower Richmond Road, you have to risk life and limb crossing the southbound traffic lanes. Either that or you have to cycle in the narrow ... [more]

This road is a real thorough-fare, with traffic racing down the quiet residential street as a short cut. It could be improved with speed humps or similar. Thank you!

Path closed off due to the Batter Power Station. Would be great if this was restored in advance of the redevelopment to provide permenant cycling infrastructure along riverfront.

There is a cycle and bus lane leading from Garratt Lane to Ram Street (across Wandsworth High Street). The difficulty is getting into this lane when heading north up Garratt Lane - the bus and cycle lane is on the right hand side of the tr ... [more]

Wandsworth gyratory - it is particularly bike unfriendly and attempting to use the mix of roads and cycle lanes on the pavement is confusing and at times dangerous. The layout is unclear and I have been hit by cars twice in 2012 as well as ... [more]

Heading south down Garratt Lane and wanting to turn right onto Summerley Street (to get onto the cycleway alongside the River Wandle) is very difficult due to volume of traffic and having to get across traffic queueing at the lights in the ... [more]

Parked cars, aggressive drivers, buses and traffic calming make cycling this key route very dangerous

car speed along putney brige road is fast, with tight passing places as cars refuse to wait until oncoming traffic has ceased

The road is often busy with traffic travelling to Tooting, single lanes in each direction. Cycling lane will benefit so that the traffic that builds up to avoid cyclist by drivers who does not find a gap between the oncoming lane.

No cycling facilites on this popular/well used route through Putney

No cycling facilites on this popular/well used route through Putney

Parked cars along this popular route make cycling more dangerous here than it should be

Parked cars along this popular route make cycling more dangerous here than it should be

Parked cars make this route which I believe is part of CS8 useless, blue paint means nothing.

Putney Bridge approach and exit routes are definitely anti-Dutch. Southbound turning right onto Lower Richmond Road requires crossing lanes of traffic. Turning left from Lower Richmond Road onto the bridge should be one lane for bikes and o ... [more]

No cycling provision for cyclists wishing to use the road to avoid the dangerous cycle path off-road despite the space available.

Junction is very difficult for cyclists, poor visibility and often difficult to get to advance stop lines for other traffic.

Chelsea bridge - cycling across it and the subsequent junction are dangerous. The cycle lane places cyclists on the left side of left turning cars and trucks with concrete to the left of those cyclists. Amazingly there is sufficient room on ... [more]

Exclusivity on CS7 and indeed across all cycle lanes in London needs greater emphasis. Cars do not adhere to stripped lane separators and some lanes don't have then at all. The result is dangerous filtering, overcrowding of all vehicles and ... [more]

On 1st May i was knocked off my bike by a van turning right from Northcote Rd into Battersea Rise. I was travelling from st Johns Rd straight across to Northcote Rd. I was knocked unconcious, suffering a fractured skull, a brain hemorage, ... [more]

Intimidating three lane road when approaching Putney Bridge. If turning right to go down the high street, the lane is too narrow, so have to filter using the wrong lane to get to ASL. Bad parking leads to congestion, increasing exposure to ... [more]

There are four lanes of fast traffic which lead into this junction alone. Pedestrians attempt to cross this portion of the High Street without using the crossings from South Thames College too. Adding ASL's would help at points around the ... [more]

Poor provision for cyclists.

Poor provision for cyclists.

Poor provision for cyclists.

CS 8 goes from the kerb to the third lane across two busy speeding lanes and on a blind corner. Only attempt this if you can cycle at at least thirty MPH to keep up with the traffic

The cycle lane through Tooting Common is badly marked and poorly separated (increasingly so) from the adjacent footpath. Signage is contradictory (cyclists are instructed to dismount at crossings where the signals invite them to cross), and ... [more]

Wandsworth Gyratory. Staggered traffic lights would be useful all around the area. Due to lost of lane changing.

This is a really dangerous junction for cyclists and despite numerous accidents over the year, a number of which I believe have been fatal, nothing has ever been done to significantly improve safety around it.

At great expense Clapham Junction station has developed a new exit, yet there is no pedestrian crossing outside the station, meaning those wishing to cross St John's hill to the Peabody Estate and the areas beyond must walk several hundred ... [more]

Merton Road is quite grim for cycling down, particularly at the junctions - left only traffic lights mean that you have to park yourself in the middle of the road if you want to go straight on, and cars whiz by quite fast.

Nightingale lane - fairly frequently used by commuters, as well as parents and children attending the local schools. There used to be speed bumps for traffic calming - these have been replaced with extensions to the pavement into the carri ... [more]

I work in central London by the BT tower , but whenever I cycle home I grit my teeth when I get to Putney Bridge and the approach roads - it's by far the worst part of my commute. Heavy traffic with terrible pollution, and a general sense o ... [more]

The high amount of traffic moving fast in both directions most of the day makes turning right out of Lytton Grove dangerous.

There are always cars parked in the cycle super highway along this stretch of road, a road which a lot of cars speed down and it used by a lot of buses which makes it dangerous when pulling out into the road. What's the point in the cycle ... [more]

Lack of space for cycling provision due to space given other to motor vehicle parking

No cycling provision along this minor road which links up the thames path, despite ample room.

The off-road cycle path is totally unsuitable for cyclists travelling towards London on the road due to the gradient of hill.

Narrow section of road where cyclists using this road are forced to ride in the middle of the road to avoid being hit/forced off the road by impaitent drivers going towards the A3. Steep up hill and still no cycle paths - either on road ... [more]

This road in both directions has no cycling infrastructure whatsoever despite being a key route for local cyclists - there is 2 wide lanes for vehicles - if you have to go in this direction, you are forced to take the left hand lane to stay ... [more]

The Wandsworth gyratory is crying out for the Go Dutch treatment. I ride through from the Wandle Trail/NCN20 onto the Thames Path. It's a dangerous race track and one of the worst examples of outdated and unpleasant urban design that should ... [more]

Fast flowing multi-lane traffic to navigate in order to join CS8. A classic old gyratory system that is completely un-cycle friendly.

Between Tooting Broadway and Tooting Bec Underground Stations - Despite being on the cycle superhighway route, this stretch of road is particularly hazardous. Many pedestrians step out in to the road without looking, cars edge forward and b ... [more]

Nine elms lane is a favourite amongst petrolheads for speeding. Being long, relatively wide and with limited traffic, as well as ongoing some major building changes, it would be an ideal candidate to Go-Dutch now: a dedicated cycle lane run ... [more]

Clapham Junction. This is such a dangerous set of roads where the hight streets eats the junction road. Pedestrian crossings are inadequate and cycling is just a nightmare. There needs to be better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists ar ... [more]

I would nominate the Tooting High Street and the Upper Tooting Road until Tooting Bec tube station. This is an extremely busy road. It is part of the super highway route but with tons of parked cars and pedestrians that often jay walk to cr ... [more]

Thames Path - this needs to be uninterrupted, for example it deviates onto the road round a building on Lonbard Road, meaning that when headed westbound you need to dismount your bike and push it along the pavement before re-joining the pat ... [more]

I need to get from the Thames Path to King George's Park and the one way system means there is no easy way to do this without a huge diversion or getting of my bike and walking the wrong way up one-way roads. The one way system needs changi ... [more]

Wandsworth Gyratory is a nightmare for any cycle traffic doing anythig other than a left turn. Particular improvement could be lmade by allowing cycles heading South over Wandsworth Bridge to exit right onto Smugglers Way before having to e ... [more]

Full of parked cars either side of the road make cycling on this quiet road difficult when it should be a pleasure. Also illegally parking on double yellow lines is common here.

This road is very hostile to cycle on, with multiple pedestrian crossing islands (needed) but they encourage aggressive behaviour from drivers who are rat running.

THis is the most hilarious of many funny mistakes on the cycle superhighway scheme. The cycle lane disappears in the middle of the Wandswirth gyratory, then miraculously appears two lanes over to take cyclists into old york road. How the he ... [more]

It beggars belief that they tried to put a superhighway here. The 'cycle path' off towards smugglers way is insane - utterly mad. It cuts across several lanes of traffic. It isn't signposted. It doesn't have a traffic filter. It is the wo ... [more]

The Boris Superhighway CS7 is treacherous between Balham and Clapham North on a narrow stretch of road packed with cars, buses, trucks and motorbikes (who skip the traffic jams by zooming up the bike CS7). There are wide pavements that coul ... [more]

too car dominated

The area around the Wandsworth one-way system is dangerous and confusing. My friend was hit by a lorry here recently. Some of it has bike lanes on the pavement and bike crossings at the lights. These should be extended.

plans for making the Wandsworth gyratory return to 2-way have been around for ages but very rarely include anything to make cycling better or safer. Go Dutch principles should be made mandatory before any traffic system plan is even starte ... [more]

I should like to encourage Boris Johnson to deliver the Go Dutch scheme for Vauxhall. I cycle through it every day and find it very scary.

Right here there is a cycle path which finishes facing the wrong way down a one way street. So i can cycle from Balham to Putney on a cycle route but not back again on the same route. Its facing the wrong way down a one way street! WTF.

Need to go under Putney bridge at south end. Also design for Parliament Sq should include bus stops. Take part of south side of square for stops especially for tourists

Wandsworth council have been trying to use section 106 funding to remove the gyratory for years. A "Go Dutch" makeover would assist in the re-generation and the section 106 funds could help support further local urban realm improvements.

Wandsworth gyratory; It's lethal for cycling. One-way system should be abolished, and replaced with calmer, Dutch-style infrastructure, more suitable for cycling. This would also have the beneficial effect of making the area as a who ... [more]

Make Wandsworth High Street a community rather than motorway

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